Find Your Vocation. Commit To Community.

Explore Your Faith. Practice Civic Responsibility.


Now Accepting Applications for 2018-19 Chattanooga Fellows Year

Priority Application Deadline is December 1, 2017

The Chattanooga Fellows Headquarters is located downtown at North Shore Fellowship.
118 Woodland Ave
Chattanooga TN 37405


The Chattanooga Fellows Program is a nine-month experience that equips recent college graduates to faithfully find their vocation, commit to community, explore their faith, and practice civic responsibility.


Find Your Vocation

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Job placements combine practical experience with exploration of day-to-day issues of faith and help Fellows develop relationships within their vocational field. Each fellow will work at his or her part-time job in Chattanooga on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Fellows meet weekly with local Chattanooga leaders in business, law, medicine, art, and other areas of influence for Vocational Lunches. Fellows will hear about this person's vocational journey and what the Lord is teaching them through their work. Over the course of the Fellows year participants will have had lunch with at least 25 leaders in the city. 

Fellows also take a gambit of ability assessments that they then debrief and think through with certified facilitators. The purpose of these tests is to help each Fellow know how they are uniquely created by God and how that could manifest in the workplace. Currently the Chattanooga Fellows use the Highlands Ability Battery, MCORE, and EQi assessments.


Commit to Community


"Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well."

- I Thessalonians 2:8


Other Fellows

The Fellows Year is designed to foster deep relationships among those involved in the program. Through shared experiences, deep conversations, and intentional life-on-life connection Fellows will learn what it means to have meaningful, lasting community.


Host Family

Each Fellow is placed with a host family from churches in the Chattanooga area. These families graciously volunteer to share their homes and their lives with the Fellow for the entirety of the program. Although each hosting situation is different, Fellows are encouraged to set aside a specific time each week to eat a meal with their host family. Fellows certainly are encouraged to spend time with the family outside of this as well. Living with these families gives Fellows the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from these strong families who are serving the Lord not only in the community but also in their own households.


Community Dinner

The Fellows share a weekly community dinner together every Monday in the homes of families from participating churches. This is a wonderful opportunity to continually grow in fellowship with one another and with the larger community in Chattanooga.


Explore Your Faith


Biblical, Theological, and Contemporary Culture Classes

Each semester Fellows will participate in classes that help grow their Faith and also their understanding of the world around them. The classes follow a seminar format with good reading and discussion led by professors that live and believe what they teach from God's Word. Recent classes have been: Old and New Testament Survey, Faith/Work/Identity, Life and Times of Daniel the Prophet, Theistic Dynamics in Human Rights, and Civic Engagement around the Fruit of the Spirit. 

Attending and Serving a Local Church 

The Chattanooga Fellows Program is affiliated with two churches in the area. Each Fellow will faithfully worship and serve at one of these two churches. Fellows are highly encouraged to use their gifts to serve their church and to get involved in their life and community throughout the week. This years partnering churches are New City Fellowship and North Shore Fellowship.

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Find a Mentor

Each Fellow will choose a mentor who he or she will meet with throughout the length of the program. Fellows should view their mentor as a guide and support for their spiritual growth as it relates to all areas of their lives. Fellows generally meet with their mentors on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 


Practice Civic Responsibility



During the Fellows year participants will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of conferences and lectures that will challenge them in what it means to be involved in the needs of the city they are called to dwell in. 

Civic and Nonprofit Visits

Each week Fellows will visit with local nonprofits and civic organizations to learn about issues in the community that these organizations address. The Fellows will learn why those needs are in the city and the history behind them. These visits help the Fellows have eyes to see the brokenness around them and begin to imagine how to be part of restorative change. 



As a capstone to the Fellows year each class will work together to determine a way they can partner with each other and also with others in the city to provide tangible service to a specific need they have learned about. This practical step encourages the important trait of gospel centered collaboration.

Civic Fruit of the Spirit

The Fellows will look at the "Fruit of the Spirit" listed in Galatians 5 and begin to imagine what it means to live out those virtues in their civic life. Fellows will wrestle with the idea of kindness, goodness, and patience to name a few and then look at practical ways these biblical concepts are lived out in thier civic involvment. 


Accepting Applications for the 2018-19 Chattanooga Fellows Class