Stories of Reliance

When I look back at my time as a Chattanooga Fellow in its inaugural year it feels like decades ago. The program has had 5 more classes come and go since then. I’ve become friends with many of them and even closer friends with several more. The Fellows program, even in its humble beginnings, has been a crucial part of my life and my story. At one point I was accepted into a program in a different city but then at the last minute I changed my mind to come to Chattanooga. It was a monumental turning point for me. I would have missed meeting all the wonderful people that are apart of my life, including my amazing wife. With that being said, I love the Chattanooga Fellows Program.

During my year in the Fellows we had an event each week called “Round Table.” This was a time where we met with prominent members of the community who told us about their life and stories of God’s faithfulness to them. The very first visit was from Rodger Piersant. He is a Chattanoogan, a business owner, and a strong Christ Follower. I don’t remember his accomplishments in the business world or his many accolades in the city. What I do remember is him telling us that he falls down before the Lord every day to thank and praise him. At that point in my life I had not seen a person who seemed to have everything the world would say is success trust and rely on Christ so much.

I think at a certain point we believe if we have enough money or power we can make it without Christ. We think we might be able to do it on our own. I learned that night that we will always need a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us. I learned that we should fall on our knees daily and praise a God who, without a doubt, deserves it. I am thankful for a man like Roger and I’m so thankful for the Chattanooga Fellows Program.

Witt Hullander, Chattanooga Fellow Alum ‘14

Jonathan Ingraham