Practice Civic Responsibility



During the Fellows year participants will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of conferences and lectures that will challenge them in what it means to be involved in the needs of the city they are called to dwell in. 

Civic and Nonprofit Visits

Each week Fellows will visit with local nonprofits and civic organizations to learn about issues in the community that these organizations address. The Fellows will learn why those needs are in the city and the history behind them. These visits help the Fellows have eyes to see the brokenness around them and begin to imagine how to be part of restorative change. 



As a capstone to the Fellows year each class will work together to determine a way they can partner with each other and also with others in the city to provide tangible service to a specific need they have learned about. This practical step encourages the important trait of gospel centered collaboration.

Civic Fruit of the Spirit

The Fellows will look at the "Fruit of the Spirit" listed in Galatians 5 and begin to imagine what it means to live out those virtues in their civic life. Fellows will wrestle with the idea of kindness, goodness, and patience to name a few and then look at practical ways these biblical concepts are lived out in thier civic involvment.